Hack & Design Challenge: Make Games and AI

Hack & Design Challenge Vol. 1 ще срещне game dev индустрията с разработчиците на изкуствен интелект.Предизвикателствата по време на събитие, което ще се проведе на 1-ви март от 17:30 в SofiaLab – ул. Сердика 1, ще дадат възможност за разширяване на творчеството, знанията и естетиката на всички дизайнери и разработчици на игри, играчи  и изследователи…

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Game Dev Summit Monthly #10

Game Dev Summit Monthly #10 is on its way! When? Thursday, 29 November 2018; 19:00-23:00. Where? Culture Beat Club This time, our special guests are: Lyubomir Iliev from IVENT GAMES Alexander Blagoev from XS Software! But that’s not all: we will also have a special Squirrel Attack! tournament! We hope to see you there!

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Games.CON 2018

Games.CON is a big gaming and pop culture festival in which, fans of gaming meet: both players and developers. Games.CON invites Bulgarian Indie companies to be a part of the upcoming festival, dedicated to gaming and all its diversity. You can register your company and get a free stand: here. While in Belgrade, you can…

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To create the largest community of professionals working in the game development industry in Bulgaria.



A platform that gives the opportunity for constructive dialog and feedback, exchange of ideas, and presentation of projects. A stage that allows game-makers to reach various groups of people – gamers, young professionals, investors, the media, and more.


We want to support the establishment of the Bulgarian gaming community and create an environment in which it can seek and acquire new knowledge.


A series of monthly events and an annual conference, responding to the existing need for networking events for the ever-growing Bulgarian Game Development Industry.

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Bulgarian Game Dev Industry
The goal of this poll is to give a realistic image of what Bulgaria’s Game Industry looks like – number of studios/employees, types of games/platforms etc. With the information you give, we will create a bilingual catalogue of every company working in this field, which will be published on the Game Dev Summit website.